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S&R Angus LLC

S&R Angus LLC is a family owned, fourth-generation, registered Angus operation located in Weston, Wisconsin. Our offering of purebred Angus seedstock includes performance tested bulls and high quality females which are selected utilizing Angus Herd Improvement Records and ultrasound data. We also are focused on raising elite Angus cattle that compete successfully in the show ring. In 2009, our herd was recognized by the American Angus Association as a Historic Angus Herd.

Upcoming Events  

Angus bulls for sale private treaty-photos and videos on Sale Cattle page. 


Want to stock your freezer with home raised Angus Beef?

Contact us on freezer beef available & visit our freezer beef page for more details!


Who We Are   ​  

S&R Farms was started by Alfred Schleifer and Burton Radcliffe in the 1930’s on the farm in Mindoro, Wisconsin which was homesteaded by the Schleifer family in 1858. The farm started out raising Guernsey dairy cattle. In the 1950’s Burton and his son, Gordon, converted the farm from Guernsey dairy cattle to Angus Beef cattle.


Later in 1990 Gordy’s son, Jan and his wife Renee, took over the cattle operation under S&R Angus. Jan expanded the operation with the purchase of Shady Lane Ann cows from the Gauger family in South Dakota, which has been the base cow family of S&R Angus ever since. Other cow families include Barbara, Erica and Entella. After Jan’s untimely death in 1994 the herd was relocated to its present location in Weston, Wisconsin.  


Today the operation is currently run by Renee and her children, Jessica and Jared. S&R Angus currently operates with 60 cows mostly Angus and a few commercial cows for Jared’s interest. In 2007 the Radcliffe’s purchased PVF Proven Queen 786 and in 2009 purchased PVF Ellen 9100 which have been large contributors to the current donor operation.


Contact Us     



227335 Clearview Drive

Weston, WI 54476


Jared & Emily: 715-573-4924

Renee: 715-573-4942

Jessica & Chad: 309-883-2338

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